Sunday, October 28, 2012

Waiting on Sandy

While everyone else in the store was buying batteries and bottled water, I was buying nail clippers!  Another perk of having a stockpile - no need to run out at the last minute and buy essentials - I've got them downstairs already!


  • 2 Revlon Nail Clippers $3.29 each, got back $7 EB (WYB 2, Limit 6) = $0.42 profit
  • 4 Aveeno Lotions - three at $3.89 each and one at $7.99, used $1 peelie coupon and got back $15 EB (WYB 4, Limit 1) = $3.66
  • 6 papers $12
  • Used 25% off coupon - took off $9.31, $1 EB, $3 EB, $6 EB and $10 EB, total was $9.49.  My total cost for this transaction was $7.49
Rite Aid

  • 4 RA Tissues $1.50 each, got back two $2 UP's (WYB 2, Limit 2) = $2 or $0.50 each
  • Used $6 in UP's, total was $0.49 
I didn't get the extra monthly $1 UP for buying four, but others have reported that they did get this by purchasing the 230 count boxes.  The monthly deal is good until 10/30.


Pubbler said...

I found the Covergirl MIR tearpad at another CVS today. I can send you 2 if you need them. Do you think the UP reward will print if the total is $19.98. We know that RA doesn't quite work like CVS.

Heather said...

I hope you weathered the storm ok and that all of you are safe.

Anonymous said...

Hope Sandy did not hit you to hard. Praying to see you post soon.


frugalsuz said...

I'm ok no power still. No gas in town. Hoping to get power soon it's really cold!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you Suz!! Glad your safe.

Joanne B said...

Hope you and your family are okay!! Miss you and your posts!!

frugalsuz said...

Thanks all, we're all doing ok. Today's my first day back at work in over a week and I'm grateful for the warmth. Still no power at the house. Hopefully it comes back today or tomorrow, another storm is coming!

Anonymous said...

Glad you, the BF & pets are ok. I bet you're wishing you still had that wood stove now! Hope you get power back asap. I'm definitely missing your posts. Take care.

Michelle - In Ohio

frugalsuz said...

Michelle - you have NO idea. :)