Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sucked in by the Moneymaker

Finally got myself in gear and did the moneymaker deal at ShopRite:
  • 5 Nabisco Snack Packs $2.88 each, got back $20 in catalinas = $5.60 profit
I did this deal a bunch of times at several stores.  I got Fig Newtons, Chips Ahoy, Oreo's, Teddy Grahams and the multi-packs of Oreo's/Nutter Butters/Chips Ahoy.  Now I've got lots of snacks on hand for free!

Also hit up Rite Aid for free Softsoap:
  • 4 Softsoap Body Washes $2.99 each, used four $1 coupons (9/25 SS) and got back four $2 UP's (Limit 4) = FREE/$0.01 profit
One Rite Aid was out of the body wash so I headed up to the front to get a raincheck.  This store always gives me problems so I have to admit, I was primed for a fight.  Nothing is ever easy here.  The cashier said they could write me a raincheck...for $2.99.  What's the point of that?  I asked if I could have a raincheck for $0.99 instead since that's the post-UP price.  She said they don't write rainchecks that way and confirmed with the manager.  I mentioned that whenever I get a raincheck for an UP item, its written with the post-UP price.  She told me that all the other stores in this area are writing rainchecks incorrectly.  Sigh.

I went out to the parking lot and called the 1-800 number for Rite Aid.  I spoke to a very nice gal in Customer Service who confirmed that I was correct and I held on the line while she called the store manager.  It was really loud in the parking lot so I headed back inside the store to wait.  I could hear the cashier saying - Ed, Corporate's on the line for you!  (picture me snickering)  After a couple minutes, she got back on the line to tell me she'd spoken to the manager and I could go back for my raincheck.  I thanked her and headed back to the registers.  The manager walked over to the cashier and was explaining how they should issue raincheck if I came back.  The cashier says - oh, she won't be back.  I walked right up and said "hi, I'm right here."  The look on her face - priceless! 

She then walked to the body wash aisle with me and made me choose a particular variety of the Softsoap.  Me - "can't I get a raincheck for any variety within the sizes that are on sale?"  Cashier - "no, you have to choose one."  Oook, I picked the pomegranate variety, she ripped the UPC sticker off the shelf and went back to the front.  She scanned the tag and printed a raincheck from the register for that particular variety.  She even scanned my Wellness card and had that info on the raincheck too.  Anyone else's stores do this?  That was a first for me.

She wrote the raincheck for limit one, but the sale this week is limit four.  I asked to have the limit increased and she said to me - "we only write rainchecks for limit one."  Really, cuz you weren't so right about your policy earlier!  She called for the manager, we waited, she called again, we waited some more, she called again and then took the customer behind me.  The customer had a return so he needed the manager too.  Now the three of us waited, and waited, and waited.  He finally strolled back into the store (he was somewhere outside) and said it was fine for me to get four.  What a hassle!  I easily spent 20-25 minutes for a lousy raincheck.  At least I can get my free body wash!  The things I'll do for a deal....


Coupon Mama said...

If I were you, and if you have the time and energy, I'd write a letter/email to corporate complaining. If you're really ballsy, you could threaten to take your business elsewhere if your concern/issue is not acknowledged. If you feel it garners further complaining, you could look into BBB complaints.

The last time this happened to me at Shaws, I ended up with a $25 gift card. :-)

Sheila said...

yep, SR cat was a great deal...sorry about your RA

frugalsuz said...

Coupon Mama,
Nah, I'm ok with them just writing rainchecks correctly. I don't often shop at that location and I'm sure other customers feel the same way.

Leanna said...

Loved the part of the story where you walked back into the had me laughing...that was great!

But, oy, I know what you mean...some days I have to wonder if things are worth it...but then I figure I'm probably helping another couponer out who will get less hassle if I tackle things...

Cindy CF said...

Yeah, I'm with Coupon Mama. I'd write a letter of complaint. One call from corporate should have been enough to shut down her attitude for the day.