Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Easy Money

Stop & Shop - catalina deal this week where you get back $5 when you buy a $25 gift card.  The circular says only Mastercard prepaid cards (or Visa?) qualify, but in reality, a bunch do!  
  • $25 Shell gift card, got back $5 catalina = $5 profit
  • $25 Lowes gift card, got back $5 catalina = $5 profit
Easy way to make $10!  The catalinas specify one per transaction (when redeeming) so be sure to factor that in when you're planning how to spend them.

Here are the cards that are confirmed to be working for this promo: Aeropostale, Amazon.com, Dunkin Donuts, DSW, Gulf, Home Depot, JCPenney, Kohl's, Lowes, Michael's, Outback Steakhouse, Ruby Tuesday, Sears, Sephora, Shell, Toys R Us, Justice & McDonald's

Not working: Cheesecake Factory & Stop n Shop

Also hit up CVS for FREE candy corn ($0.99, $0.99 EB, Limit 1) and paid with a $0.99 EB so I only had to fork over seven pennies for tax.  The candy corn deal is only good through today.

Then finally, off to Rite Aid:
  • 2 Simply Saline Neti Pot Kits $14.99, BOGO sale, will send away for TMF rebate and got back $5 UP (WYB $10, Limit 4) = $5 profit
  • Kerasal Exfoliating Foot Moisturizer (30 g) $0.99, will get back $2 (SCR #73) = $1.01 profit *Oct SCR so purchase by today, 10/25 to qualify
  • Total was $16.05
Separately, I bought:
  • 2 Arm & Hammer Simply Saline Baby Nasal Spray $5.99, BOGO sale, will send away for TMF rebate (peelie found on package) = FREE
*Thought I'd get back a second $5 UP for spending $20 (and I still think I should have) but it didn't print.  I'm hoping once I purchase something else on this card, it will magically pop out.  I did these transactions back to back and it may have just been too fast.


Sheila said...

I have Stop & Shop envy now, $5 back on a gas card?!? Unbelievable.

I feared the back to back transactions wouldn't work @ RA either, but they did. I did 3 back to back @ one store then hit another RA 5 minutes later for the last $5 +Ups.

Now I need to to google the closest Stop & Shop ;)

frugalsuz said...

From what I've read, everyone else's $5 UP has printed with back-to-back transactions so I'm not sure why I had a problem.

rachel said...

I did the deal today and got 2 $5 Ups back. My baby swabs didn't have the peelies on them, sadly. Any chance you've got an extra you'd be willing to trade for?

Mary said...

I miss your shopping pics and random postings! I know this isnt related to this particular post but I just wanted to let you know! =) Tell the da bf to hook you up! If you are waiting till black friday to camp out for a $1,000 laptop for $400 out the door, I dont blame you (I did that a few years ago)

frugalsuz said...

Sorry, unfortunately I don't. Maybe another drug store like CVS or WAGs might have them?

You and me both! I'm not at a computer very often, and when I am, I don't always have time to post. Hopefully (fingers crossed) that will be changing very soon! :)