Thursday, October 20, 2011

More ShopRitin'

Went back for more goodies and beat my previous total of $0.20!
  • Cortland Apples $3.27 ($0.99/lb)
  • 4 Borden American Cheese singles and 4 Borden Swiss/Provolone Cheeses $1.99 each - will use these towards a $10 Newcastle NBPR rebate on $15+ of deli meats/cheeses
  • 4 Pyrex Containers $4.24 - $4.99 each, used four $1 coupons (9/25 SS)
  • Used six $5 catalinas (from 2 different promos), $3 catalina and $1 catalina. total was $0.14
Love these Pyrex sales!  I got an oblong baking dish with no top (like this) and two square and one round containers like this one.


K said...

Wouldn't the tax on the Pyrex bring the total higher than 14 cents? Or is that tax-free in New Jersey? (Just curious.)

frugalsuz said...

The tax was around $1.20 but the catalinas cut into that! I was very surprised.