Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sale on Newspapers!

  • 6 papers - on sale for $0.99 each (normally $1.50)

I've never seen a sale on newspapers before, have you?

CVS - DBF bought

  • Glade Fragrance Collection Reed Diffuser or Candle (4-10 oz) $6.99, used $3 coupon (10/4 SS) and got back $6.99 EB (Limit 1) = $3 profit
  • Total was $$4.48, paid with gift card (didn't have any EB's to use as payment!)

Then I bought

  • Glade Fragrance Collection Reed Diffuser or Candle (4-10 oz) $6.99, used $3 coupon (10/4 SS) and got back $6.99 EB (Limit 1) = $3 profit
  • 4 cases Diet Coke $13, got back $3 EB (Limit 1) = $10 or $2.50 each
  • Used $1.99 EB and $15 EB, total was $0.21

The $15 EB was from a survey I did ages ago and I've been holding on to it in the hopes that there'd be a great CVS week I could use it on. Nope. It expired soon, so even though we didn't need the soda, I had to use it on something.


  • Gillette Fusion MVP Manual or Power Razor System $8.99, used $4 coupon (9/27 P&G) and got back $6 RR = $1.01 profit
  • Halls Refresh Sugar Free Drops (20 ct) $1, got back $1 RR = FREE
  • Scotch bubble mailer $0.33 with in-circular coupon
  • Used $6 RR, total was $0.98

DBF bought the same thing. The cashier ripped out the circular coupon for the Scotch and then would not use it again for the second transaction. I had to walk over, get another circular and open it up to the page so she could scan it. And...she had a circular right there at the register. What's up with that? Rude! Most stores don't rip out the coupon at all.


Pubbler said...

Did you know that you can use the 35c Halls Q on the Refresh. Q is for 20ct Halls (was on the same page as the Halls refresh - SS 9/27).
Can you pay for bottle/can deposit with EBs? I want to do the coke deal, but don't know if I can use EBs to cover the deposit.

Angie.... said...

Thw survey you did do they come to your email or do you have to sign on the the cvs panel page to take the surveys- ive been signed up for a few months now but have never gotton the chance to take a survey.

frugalsuz said...

My coupon was for $1 off 2 bags. :( I guess I could use it and get 2 bags for free, but I have so many of these already.

There are no bottle deposits in NJ, so I'm really not sure how that works. I wanna say you can't use the EB's, but I'm really not sure. Sorry!

You have to sign up on the CVS Advisor page and then they'll email you when there are surveys available. They are usually pretty far in between, but when I get them, its usually for high values like $10 or $15, so its worth the wait.

News Around The Blogs said...

Talk about a cranky cashier! I never have to rip out the circular coupons.

I have only done 1 survey 6 months ago. It was for $10

I have been cut off from Walgreens :-(