Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Love the Fall(s)

Isn't the fall just absolutely beautiful? Its my favorite season. I love the colors of the leaves, the crisp air and being outside. DBF and I did some sightseeing this weekend and absolutely no hounding. (gasp) I know! I'm going to order six sets of coupons from Dede and do my shopping during the week. It was just too beautiful a day to plan my deals, sort out my coupons and shop. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
My sister's birthday is coming up on Monday and we all went out to dinner on Saturday to celebrate. Stay tuned for pics of some of her presents. :) We also scheduled a photo shoot with Riley, since its been a while. Remember this little guy?
(collective "awwwwww!") He's growing up right before my eyes!
Look at how much bigger he is! The top shot was taken back in July, only a short four months ago.
Its much harder to get Riley to cooperate for his photo ops now. He's too busy running around, crashing into things (and people) and nibbling on every toy he can get his little teething-teeth into. Most of the shots were like this:
Rocky is not amused.
After a while, I ventured outside to my dad's variety of local flora. He is quite the gardener.
I am especially intrigued by this gargantuan leaf. I do believe my dad watched Jurassic Park one too many times. If you live in their neighborhood, please ignore those noises and screams. Nothing to see here folks, please continue your tour and do not attempt to exit the Jeep.
Sunday was an absolutely perfect fall day. Sunny, breezy and cool. I wish every day could be like this. DBF and I went for our Sunday drive and pointed the car towards Bushkill Falls in Pennsylvania.
It was well worth the drive!
I wasn't especially thrilled with the rickety handrails and steps. Have I mentioned that heights are so not my thing? Well, DBF is well aware of this and somehow neglected to mention the vast network of stairs, railings and walkways in the park. I'm sure it was an honest mistake.
(shudder) DBF took this shot. There was no way I was leaning over the railing that far.
The falls were so beautiful. The one good thing about all those stairs was that you got to see all different angles and parts of the falls. Our brochure said there are 8 or 9 separate falls within the park. Some were small.Some were not.
The park itself was gorgeous too. There's nothing like crunching on leaves, watching the sunlight poke through the leaves and smelling evergreen trees and pinecones.
This shot reminds me of the first Lord of the Rings movie where the hobbits are hiding from the ring wraith. I was half-expecting worms and bugs to start crawling out of the earth.
Admission today cost us $10 a person, but it was so worth it. I love that they kept these older signs and had them on display.


Laurie said...

Great photos Suz! I love love love waterfalls. And those black-eyed susans are pretty too!

slugmama said...

I use to live 15 min away from there. I hiked BKill Falls 4 months after having my son....OMG, I thought I wold die!LOL
Beautiful falls but there is a nice little state park right near there called "Child's Park". Go north on Rte. 209 in PA from Bushkill Falls to Rte. 739 at Dingman's Ferry. Turn left onto 739. When you see the sign for the Post Office, turn left onto Silverlake Rd. After the 1st 4 way intersection(with Milford Rd.), there will be signs for Childs Park parking area right on Silverlake Rd. There is also a parking area for the park past there where the road "y"s. If you bear left at the "y" it becomes Park Rd. The parking area is just on the left after you bear onto it. There is nice waterfall(best in the spring after the snow melt)and natural trails. Not as long as the Bkill falls trails and it's FREE!
I know a couple other nice sites up there, write me if you want directions/info. We lived in that area for 14 yrs.

Debbi said...

Great pics of the falls, isn't it beautiful there. I live about an hour south from there and have been a few times. Riley sure is growing, my pups aren't so little anymore either,,they are 6 months already.

Precious said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures!

frugalsuz said...

Thanks all! :)

That sounds really pretty. DBF and I will definitely go check it out, thanks for the tip!