Friday, October 30, 2009


Don't they look innocent? Gazing outside at the leaves without a care in the world. No guilt, no remorse. Well, let me tell you, they shouldn't be feelin' so carefree. For the past several days, these little punks have woken me up a half hour before my alarm is set to go off. They usually do that on the weekends because they're used to getting up at a certain time during the week. I get up and feed them and they usually settle down. But this waking me up early during the week nonsense has to stop. I had off work today and I knew they'd wake me up early, which they did. I fed them and hopped back into bed. An hour later...BEEP! My stupid fire alarm battery was dying. I got out of bed, stood on one of my dining room chairs, unhooked the little bastard and shoved him under a stack of blankets to muffle the subsequent beeps I knew would be coming. (Did you ever see that Friends episode where Phoebe is apartment sitting and can't get the alarm to stop beeping? That happened to me a couple years ago. Not fun) Anyhoo, back to bed for me. A half hour later...BEEP! It wasn't the fire alarm beeping, it was the carbon monoxide detector. Sigh. I got up again, took out the batteries (hitting the discharge button in the process which let off another infuriating BEEP! right in my face), put in new ones (which I now know causes another BEEP!) and went back to bed. Again. Hour phone rings. By the time I got up and stumbled over to the phone, I had missed the call. It was work but whoever called didn't leave a message. Sigh. I powered up my laptop and sure enough, I had some "urgent" emails from a coworker. What a morning. What a day off!
Sure Gigi, NOW you sleep. Now that I'm fully awake and stuck answering work emails on my day off. Snore it up you punk (said with love of course). :)
  • Dove Conditioners $4.99 each, BOGO sale, buy 8 and use eight $1.50 coupons (10/4 RP) and get back $10 RR (WYB 8) = $2.04 profit
  • 3 Act II popcorns $0.25 each with in-circular coupon
  • Used $1 RR, $1 RR and $6 RR, total was $1.41


spaghetti0625 said...

Don't you just LOVE cats?! hahaha. Lucky is the same way, before the alarm goes off, she is at the door scratching and calling for us...i swear it sounds like she is meowing 'Ma Ma' So cute, but so annoying so early in the morning! DH gets her back though...when she's in her bed on the couch and we are watching TV and she's alseep, DH will push her bed so she wakes up....we get the death stare hahahaha.

Jamie said...

TGIF!!! :)

Sorry you had such an abrupt start to your morning! I hope you're able to enjoy some down time on your day off!

Kittyvillain said...

i have cats like that too. i actually went to wags when they were having a sale on box fans and got one. now we keep that fan outside our door and turn it on full blast. our cats keep their distance from our door in the morning now... they still cry but we can actually sleep until the alarm goes off!

frugalsuz said...

I definitely love my cats more when they let me sleep. Its been about four days in a row now, and I'm getting mighty tired.

I definitely did! My sister and I went and poked around Target and I found some clearanced scrapbooking stuff and a funny Christmas gift for my other sister. :)

Love your screenname! lol That's a really great idea, I think I'm going to try this! Thank you so much.