Monday, March 12, 2012

Sick Day

Woke up feeling crummy today.  Didn't feel so hot yesterday either and DBF is sick so I knew it was just a matter of time for me.  He had a raging fever last night so neither one of us slept very well.  I crawled out of bed to call out of work and then crawled right back in.  The next thing I knew, it was 11:00!  I normally get up around 5, so sleeping that much is a sure sign that I'm fighting off something.  

I sold some things on ebay and packaged them up to be shipped today, so I had to go out and drop those off.  While I was out, I swung by ShopRite to do the Purex deal but the store was out of the Ultra Packs.  I'll try another store and see if I have better luck.  I got - 

  • 4 Kraft Sour Creams $1.49 each, got back $3 catalina (WYB 4 Kraft items) and a bunch of $1 off $5 SR items (produce, meat, bake shoppe, seafood and deli) = $2.96 or $0.74 each
  • 4 Viva Paper Towels $1.99 (reg price), used four $0.85 coupons (3/11 SS) = $0.29 each
  • $25 Lowes Gift card, got back $5 catalina = $5 profit
  • Used $5 Munch Mania catalina (on Kraft sour cream), total was $27.49
Bought a second Lowes gift card separately.  I love these promos!  We'll always use the gift cards so I just tuck them away, and its a great way to get catalinas that I can use for food.  I'm up to $30 in free money so far.

Here's the Purex deal - buy six Purex laundry detergents (bottles or Ultra Packs) for $1.99 each, use six four $0.75 coupons or $1 coupons (3/11 RP) and get back a $5 catalina.  Depending on the coupons you use, its either super cheap or free.  For the $0.75 coupon, you have to fill out the requested info, then select that you want the Ultra Packs as a sample instead of the detergent.  On the next page, you'll have the option of printing a coupon instead of getting a sample in the mail.


Sheila said...

Get well soon!

Judy said...

I noticed in this post you said you packaged some things you sold on ebay. Do you sell the stuff you get in some of your good deals? Just wondering because I have been thinking about doing that for some of the items I don't personally use or have a lot of. Since I've never done that, any advice is appreciated.

frugalsuz said...

I sure do! I just sold some Head & Shoulders, Olay stuff, hair color and hair straighteners. There are things I steer clear of, like medicine but you can sell lots of stuff on ebay or Craigs List.

Judy said...

Thanks so much for answering my question. I have another. Doesn't the stuff cost a lot to ship, or is there a cheaper way to ship that I don't know about? I ship a lot to my daughter in MO and it costs me $10-12 for about 8-9 lb package. How do you know what to charge people for the items plus shipping?

frugalsuz said...

That's the tough part about selling online. You don't know where your buyer is going to live. So if someone buys something from me and lives in California, that's a lot more to ship than someone who lives on the East Coast. I usually just guesstimate it.