Sunday, March 25, 2012

Beautiful Collars

Lisa, one of the gals who reads my blog (Hi Lisa!) contacted me to see if I might be interested in trying out some of her beautiful, homemade dog collars.  Well, not me personally try them out, but the canine members of my family.  Surely you knew what I meant.  Surely.  Anyhoo, she makes these collars herself.  That's right, you heard me - she makes them!  The last time I used a sewing machine to hem a pair of pants, I sewed the leg shut, so I have a great deal of appreciation for those who are blessed with the sewing gene.  

Check out her Etsy shop - I can't get over all the varieties and patterns to choose from!
Lisa started making collars herself after rescuing a tiny Rat Terrier puppy from some folks that left her to die.  The little gal needed surgery and was only two pounds!  After having no luck finding a harness for her, she decided to make one herself.  Now she makes collars - dog and cat, and leashes too!  

Lisa donates a portion of her proceeds to rescues and charities.  She's an angel for animals for the ASPCA and donates to several local rescue groups as well.  She also recently became a foster mom for Open Arms Pound Rescue.  Her first foster "kid" was a little Yorkie who just went to his new home a couple weeks ago!  She donates a portion of the proceeds from the breast cancer and autism collars to those respective charities also.  How can you not love a woman like that?  

She made a lovely collar for Riley in this green plaid print that my sister picked out.  Shadow told me she would simply settle for no print other than this black and white dot.  
We typically use a choker collar on Shadow so Lisa made her a martingale collar, which is more adjustable than a typical collar would be. I can't get over how strong the material and the collar are - no way Shadow or Riley are going to rip these bad boys any time soon!
And they're so pretty!  Check out her Etsy shop today!


jrfan said...

Lisa made us the cutest little John Deere collar and leash! Love her work! Glad you got to check it out :)

frugalsuz said...

She's famous already! That sounds absolutely adorable.

Elizabeth said...

so pretty & they look really well done!
Super glad you are trying out a martingale collar & hope it works for you! When we fostered dogs that was what we used, and made the new owners buy before adopting:-)
Does your Shadow pull on leash? If so I have a couple of links for you if you want...

frugalsuz said...

They really are pretty and very durable too.