Sunday, March 4, 2012

Glad to be Done with my Shopping Today


  • 2 Softsoap Bar Soaps (4 pk.) $3.50 each, used two $1.50 coupons (2/12 SS) and got back $5 EB (WYB 2, Limit 1) = $1 profit
  • 4 papers $2 each
  • Used $1 EB and $8 EB, total was $3.23
Rite Aid
  • Playtex Pacifiers $3.99 ($4.99 reg price, 20% discount), used $4 circular coupon = FREE
  • L'oreal Revitalift Clinical Repair 10 $24.99, used $1 coupon (1/29 RP) and $5 RA coupon (Feb. Video Values) and two L'oreal Youth Code Cleansers $6.39 ($7.99 reg price, 20% discount) and $3.99 (BOGO50% off sale this week), used two $3 coupons (1/22 RP), got back $10 UP (WYB $30, Limit 2) and will send away for $10 rebate (WYB $30) = $3.37
  • 2 papers $1.60 each ($2 reg price, 20% discount)
  • Used $1 UP, $5 UP and two $10 UP's, total was $3.76
Repeated the L'oreal transaction at another store along with two more FREE pacifiers.  You can sign up for a $2 Playtex coupon (they email it to you 24 hours later) but I forgot to bring those with me.  Using that coupon, you could get free sippy cups.  They ranged from $5.99 - $6.29ish at my store.

  • Baby Carrots $0.99 with super coupon from circular
  • 4 Kraft Milk Bites $2.99 each, used four $1 coupons (2/26 SS) and six Kraft Fresh Takes Kits $2.50 each, used four $1 coupons (2/26 SS), got back $20 in catalinas for Munch Mania promo and $4 Kraft catalina = $5.04 profit 
  • Used $10 in catalinas, total was $9.90
I followed a scenario I found on SD for four Milk Bites and four Fresh  Takes but no catalina printed.  I assume that scenario was based on shelf prices (my bad for not checking) so I had to buy another two Fresh  Takes at CS.  What a hassle that was.  The gal at the counter did not understand the promo at all.  She kept trying to tell me that it was fine that the catalinas didn't print and that they'd print one a time over the next four weeks (NO - you're supposed to get four $5 catalinas and each one is good for a specific week).  Then she said I could just take the extra two Fresh Tastes to any register and the catalinas would print (NO - everything has to be bought in a single transaction).  Finally, she got it but the CS desk didn't have catalina printers.  So one of the managers brought out that magic sheet where they scan the code and the catalinas print - but she had to do it at one of the self-checkout registers.  Very strange.

Tried one of the strawberry Milk Bites bars just now and I gotta say, not sure I like them very much.  They have a strange taste.  They have to be refrigerated, so they were with the dairy stuff in the store.

Price Chopper - thanks Sheila for the P&G deal!
  • 2 Olay facial cleansers $3.99 each, 2 Olay Quench body washes $6.99 each and two Satin Care shave gels $2 each, used two BOGO coupons (buy cleanser, get BW free, 3/4 P&G) and $1 off 2 Satin Care coupon (3/4 P&G) plus $1 doubler coupon from circular = $9.98 - will send away for $10 Price Chopper prepaid gift card rebate = FREE
  • 2 packages PC pork chops $1/lb = $2.52
  • Clear Value seasoned salt $0.99, used $0.75 iSave coupon = $0.24
  • Used $3 catalina, total was $11.88

The cashier had just changed the register tape prior to ringing me up and there was a piece of tape stuck to the top of my receipt.  He happily ripped that off and handed me the receipt - which now had NO prices listed for any of my P&G purchases.  All that info had printed on the piece of tape.  This was my last stop of the day, I was hot and tired and really wanted to get home, so naturally, there was a long line at Customer Service.  After a bit of a wait, they printed out a new receipt for me to use on the rebate.  


Sheila said...

Nice trips! I posted a better P&G deal this A.M. after finding the $1 Gillette Series coupons 2/5 RP.

The slickdeals ShopRite forum drives me nuts

frugalsuz said...

Thanks for the tip Sheila. I'll probably head back later this week to do the deal again. I didn't see anything in the wording about being able to submit for the rebate in NJ, so I'll do another set and send away for the rebate at DBF's mom's house.

The SR forum is pretty tame compared to some of the others (RA anyone? sheesh) and usually I don't have any issues. Should have waited for confirmation that it was working on shelf prices, or rather, not working.