Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Up and Running

Camera battery fully charged, I'm ready to show off my Pier 1 shops! Did you all put this coupon to good use as well? I love poking around in Pier 1, but my wallet doesn't always like the prices so much. The $10 coupon was perfect! I made a bunch of trips the past three days and picked up -
  • 4 Placemats $4.76 each - 20% off sale
  • Hummingbird Feader $7.48 - clearance price
  • 6 Gorgeous Wine Glasses $7 each
  • Bombay Hanging Tea Light Candle Holder $16
  • Cute as a button clock $15
I made seven separate trips and used seven $10 coupons - $70 discount in all! Including tax, I spent $28.81 for everything. Let's take a closer look...
I loved the branch-like base of this clock and fell in love with the cute little bird. I saw these glasses in one store early in the day and couldn't stop thinking about them. I love the amber color and the crackled finish on the bottom.
I can't wait to throw some tealights in this beautiful candle holder. I think this would work inside or out. The holders are high enough to block a breeze from the flame.
Love that shade of blue!
How could I resist the beauty of this blown glass? I hope hummingbirds will feel the same way.

What did you get at Pier 1?


K said...

I did one trip and bought a nice square bowl, two small ramekins and one large one. I spent $0.54. Very happy as I have been needing all these items for a long time.

spaghetti0625 said...

Not to toot my own horn, but you can go to my candle website and order some tealights LOL

I think there was a Pier 1 by me, but I do believe it closed down...and I'm not sure of another one by me. I do need help decorating my house...been there for 5 years and it's pretty much 'blah'.

frugalsuz said...

Very nice! Its great to get things you need for so cheap.

I'm set on tealights right now but I'll def keep your site in mind!

mkl said...

I've been meaning to ask for awhile. What do you do with all of the things that you buy? E-bay, trade, garage sales, some other way of liquidating and making a profit?
I would imagine that you can't use it all or even donate or give so many things away?

frugalsuz said...

It really depends on the item. I donate a bunch of stuff, give lots to my family and friends but I do keep tons of stuff. I have a large room in my garage where I can store items, so if I have the space to keep something, its something I'll use and it won't go bad (or I can use it before it goes bad), into the stockpile room it goes!

Mynde said...

I totally went to Pier One (with my husband) thinking I'd pick up a couple of items to use in the future for gifts. Instead, I remembered how much I pink puffy heart LOVE that place and bought myself a cool wall hanger thing, a cow creamer (pioneer woman said to) and a pair of earrings. We used two transactions to use two coupons- out of pocket was just a couple bucks. I soo wish I'd had time to run to the other pier one before the coupon expired!!! It was like CHRISTMAS! (only I gave all the gifts to myself ;)