Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Bounty of Bounty

Now that I've finished my Pier 1 shopping, I got my drugstore shopping done for the week.
CVS - was a little worried about buying the Aussie/HE because I'd read online using the $3 and $1 coupons in combination was beep-central. Luckily my transaction went through with nary a beep. The P&G coupons specify you can only use four per transaction so I split these purchases up. For simplicity's sake, I'm combining them here:
  • 6 Aussie Sham/Cond $2.48/9 each (two for $4.97), used six $1 coupons (6/12 RP) and 6 Herbal Essence Stylers $2.48/9 each (two for $4.97), used six $3 coupons (7/3 P&G) and got back $10 gas gift card (WYB $30, prints slightly less than that, Limit 1) = $4.18 profit
  • Papermate Grip Pens (8 ct) $1.99, got back $1.99 EB (Limit 1) = FREE
  • Used $1 EB, $2 EB and $3 EB, total was $3.97
  • WAG Perfection Tampons (8 ct) $1.50, got back $1.50 RR = FREE
  • Pure Silk Shaving Cream $0.99 with in-circular coupon, used $0.80 coupon (7/10 RP) = $0.19 *Got a raincheck for a bunch more. The coupon is good until 9/30 so plenty of time to redeem.
  • 6 Scotch Bubble Mailers $0.39 each with in-circular coupon
  • Used $3 RR, total was $1.27
ShopRite - always like it when I can find a great deal on napkins. Why are paper products so difficult to find for free/freap? Just like the Aussie/HE coupons, the Bounty and Olay coupons are limit four per transaction so I bought these over two trips.
  • 7 Bounty Napkins $2.99 each, used seven $1 coupons (6/5 P&G)
  • 8 Olay Regenerist Cleansers/Wipes $6.99 each, used eight $3 coupons (6/5 or 7/3 P&G)
  • Total with tax on both transactions was $49.57
I got back a $25 gas card for spending $75 on qualifying items and I'll also send away for this $20 Olay rebate (WYB $50 of facial stuff). That means I've spent just $4.57 on all these goodies. Even on just the napkins, that's an awesome price.


Anonymous said...

There is a good deal on shaving cream at CVS this week, also. Skintastic is part of a $10 EB when you spend $20 deal, and is on sale for $2.19. I bought 9 cans (my CVS had a huge, well-stocked display midweek, so no shelf-clearing) and used a combination of $1.50 shave cream coupons from the internet, $1 shave cream Qs from last week's circular, $.75 shave gel Qs from the internet and $.55 shave gel from the circular and broke even. You could work it to be a moneymaker if you had the right number of Qs and wanted that much cream as opposed to gel. I'll be keeping a couple cans for myself and donating the rest.

spaghetti0625 said...

Stomping feet like a little child....I only have 2 each of those coupons b/c the service I get my coupons from didn't send out the P & G since they weren't originally included, but we could have ordered it separately, but by time I figured that I out (she posted it late) they were already sold out.
What a GREAT deal on the olay! :(

I really need to see if this new price jump is really worth it to keep using it. Of course when the price jumped the coupons are yucky. Hardly and coupons, if anything, and it's a lot of money for them.

I may have to revert back to spending $10 a week or even $20 and go to the store to get them. I think the past two months with this service, the P & G wasn't included because it wasn't originally scheduled, but then it became available..I guess I will do August (already) paid and really sit down and think about it.

Who do you use again? Or do you go to the stores on Sundays?

spaghetti0625 said...

Giving you a shout out on my blog!

frugalsuz said...

seasonofplenty - thanks for the tip! I went for the deal at WAG because I was kind of hoping they'd be out so I could get a raincheck. :) Raincheck shopping!

Have you been ordering from Mad Coupons? I got annoyed at them and a couple other services and have gone back to buying my papers at a convenience store or CVS on Sundays. Ebay is good too, some sellers have very reasonable prices. You just have to make sure the coupons in the inserts are good.