Friday, May 28, 2010

Finally, some razors for me!

  • 5 cases Diet Pepsi $15, used $2 off 4 coupon and got back $5 Target gift card (WYB 5, sale this week and next) = $8 or $1.60 each
  • Total was $13.70

Then I used the gift card to help pay for:

  • 12 Gillette Venus Razors - clearanced to $4.24 each (purple) and $3.48 each (pink), used twelve $2 coupons and got back six $5 Target gift cards (WYB 2, need the coupon from 5/2 RP to get the gift cards) = $7.40 profit (after tax)

*Cashier rang up six of each type of razor even though I bought five pink and seven purple. I didn't realize it until just now. Target receipts are so confusing! I'm going to send off for this $12 P&G rebate and see what happens. I never hold out much hope for rebates that say "While Supplies Last", but we'll see if I get the money back. If not, no biggie since the razors were a profit anyway.

  • 10 Stride Gums $1 each, used five BOGO coupons (5/16 SS) and $1 off 2 WAG coupon (from monthly coupon booklet, scanned five times automatically) = FREE
  • 2 Morton Salts $0.50 each with in-circular coupon
  • $23 Walgreens gift card (cashier chuckled at the amount, but she's my fav and didn't have a problem with it)
  • Used three $8 RR's, total was $0.70 (tax for gum)

I stopped posting about buying gift cards with RR's because I was sick of people posting nasty comments about it. But this is MY blog and I'm going to post about what I want. If they don't like it, well, tough. I'm not forcing anyone to do anything they are uncomfortable with and if my stores allow it, what's the big deal? How is that any different than stores that allow expired coupons or allow stacking of coupons (ie. using $3 off $15 and $4 off $20 on same order)? So there. :)

  • 10 Crystal Lites $1.99 each, used three $3 off 3 coupon and $1 catalina (coupon fairy left this one in the aisle!) = $9.90 or $0.99 each - will use these towards a second $10 Kraft rebate (WYB $30, from Facebook)
CVS - Dozen Eggs $1.29, used $1 EB, total was $0.29. Was going to buy these the other day when I was at CVS, but I had to go to Acme afterwards and it was about 94 degrees outside, so I couldn't leave them in the car while I shopped.


Laura said...

I love that you can buy GCs with your RRs! Everyone is probably just jealous because they tried to and their stores wouldn't let them. I know I'm jealous! (But happy for you...and really appreciate your blog.

frugalsuz said...

Thanks for your support Laura! :)

Thrifty T said...

I agree with you. This is your blog and you can post whatever you want. I love being able to buy GCs with my RRs too!!!

hitenney said...

I know what you mean - I feel like I brought the whole Grocery Challenge to a screaming halt today with my NBPR rebate talk. This is why I'd never blog, myself, if I didn't get lots of positive feedback, I'd be crying in my beer!
Oh, well. Everybody just does what they can - you do tons more than most, and I really appreciate your sharing your information. For instance, my Target's deal is not 5/$15 on the soda, it's 5/$20, so I have to think a little harder about doing the deal - plus my kid will just keep drinking it til it's gone, so in a way, not buying it at all might be the best choice. Sure would like to get a Hydro deal, though! It makes me happy to see high-value Q's fulfill themselves!
Have a great Memorial weekeknd!

frugalsuz said...

Thrifty T,
Thanks! Its so much easier buying gift cards than worrying about how to roll/spend all those RR's.

Its been slow on the boards lately anyway, I doubt it had anything to do with your posts. I'm sure there are lots of folks who are interested in the beer rebates, so I'm sure someone got something out of the post, even if they didn't say anything. Its the same with blogging, its great to get comments but I realize that lots of people don't write comments and that's ok. I do it too. Sometimes you just like to read things and absorb the info, and you really don't have much to say about it. I just put the info out there and hope it helps.

Have a great holiday too!

Stephanie said...

I'd agree with Laura, they're just jealous that your store allows you to buy a gc with your rr's! You go girl : ) This is my favorite blog out there!

mb said...

Buying GC's with RR's is such a good idea. I haven't tried it yet, but I just realized I let a $5 RR expire. If I had turned it into a GC, that wouldn't have happened. Do expired RR's beep??

mb said...

One more thing... where did you find all the clearanced razors? On an endcap? I just found one lonely razor on an endcap but I'm not even sure it was supposed to be there.

Lisa B. said...

We need to hear the deals from ALL angles! I'm going to try to get a gc with my $8rr's tomorow. Wish me luck. I've gotten in really good with the beauty counter head lady. She even special orders whatever we want. There are 3 other ladies and I that she will special order for. Those other three ladies are HARD CORE Suzi! They special order CASES of stuff. I'm the church mouse (lol) and ask her to be sure she saves me 4-6 (depending upon what it is). I'm hoping she will do the gift card for me tomorow. Even if she won't, she's pretty cool about all of it.

kc said...

"So There!"

Love it. I am with you!

I am gonna try for the $12 rebate too...I snagged 10 of the razors, so just enough to meet the $30 minimum. Unfortunately I bought them on 2 receipts, but what the heck, its worth a shot!

Sunnie said...

Ignore them---if your store allows it woohooooooo!! I like hearing about all of your deals---Keep up the GREAT work!!

Elizabeth said...

Let people complain:-) I always look to your blog first because you explain your deals. I pick and choose, and try some for myself. If they work, great. If not, oh well.
Some cashiers let you do the gift card thing and some don't. I just look suprised if they say it won't work and thank them anyway:-) Next time I'll look for a different cashier and try again... I can always frivolously blow my RRs on toilet paper is how I see it!

Cynthia said...

I love this blog. It's my fav!!

I should try to get a GC with a helpful cashier. All they can say is no, right?

I used a GC yesterday because a few weeks ago Gillette wasn't printing RRs so the manager just gave me one GC in lieu of 3 RRs. Came in handy yesterday when I had leftover Complete Qs and no RRs to use with them. Also great because you don't have that issue of the RR not being able to be used to pay tax, which chaps my hide.

Dreaming of Deals... said...

In my experience, expired RR's don't beep but I've only tried using them when they are one or two days past the date.

I will be honest - I always look for a young, male cashier when I **knowingly** try to use expired ones. Dishonest of me, yes, but they are actually just manufacturer's coupons and they surely don't send them right in the day you use them to redeem I justify it that way. If I go to hell for it, at least I'll have clean teeth, nice shiny hair, freshly shaven (is that a word?) legs...LOL

On the other hand, I do limit myself when I do deals to just what my family needs - I don't get stuff just for the sake of getting it free.

I'm totally trying to justify using expired RR's,'s working...

frugalsuz said...

Thanks so much!

I've never tried to use an expired RR, but I would think it would probably beep. Like Dreaming of Deals said, look for a young guy cashier.

I found the razors on an endcap in that razor section. Another store I checked had none at all. Clearance deals are usually hit or miss like that.

Cashiers make all the difference, don't they? Good luck!

I didn't see anything about multiple receipts, so I think you'd be ok.

Thanks so much!

That's my attitude too, I just play dumb if it doesn't work.

And you don't have to worry about getting fillers or worry about expiration dates, love it!

Dreaming of Deals,
I'm sure you're right, one or two days past the date should still be fine for the company to still get reimbursed. I don't think you're going to hell just for that. :)

Jen said...

I'm with you - it's your blog! The ones I have issues with are the more commercialized blogs that post scenarios for people, especially newbies, to use and follow. Specifically, stacking an IVC with a man. q at Wags. I realize they're SUPPOSED to accept it but I have never had luck because the IVC's now ring up as man. q's at my Wags and they will not allow two man. q's for one item (despite, of course, the fact that they're NOT). Same with using a bogo q on a bogo deal at Wags. I wish they'd denote YMMV or something and save a newbie the potential embarrassment...or maybe I'm projecting my own experience? LOL Anyway, thanks for posting your blogs, I love them

frugalsuz said...

Your stores won't let you use the IVC's with regular coupons? That's not right. I could see the BOGO Q on BOGO sale, b/c that's pretty YMMV, but the two coupons together is ok. That really stinks! I don't like some of the more commercialized blogs that post deals that just aren't accurate. Don't get my hopes up if the deal isn't right! haha

SwagGrabber said...

LOVE IT!!!!!! I totally forgot about buying gift cards with RR. I haven't done that in forever. Thanks for the reminder!

Yep your blog - do what you want!

I still love it! Your still my deal hero!