Thursday, May 13, 2010

Berry Bonanza

The crafty bug bit me today and I spent the last couple hours working on some pages in a scrapbook I keep of DBF's and my vacations. Its been ages since I've done any scrapbooking and it felt really nice to unwind and reminisce about our some of our day trips and vacations. With all the tons (and tons!) of supplies that I have, its still a challenge to find that "perfect" paper, sticker, embellishment or whatever. I love getting absorbed in it all, but hate cleaning everything up again. With my curious kitties, I can't leave anything out, unless I'd like to add some nice teeth or claw marks to it.
Stop & Shop
  • 2 Hillshire Farm kielbasas $4.39 each, BOGO sale, will use these to finish out a $10 Dos Equis NBPR rebate (WYB $20 of meat, Exp. 5/15)
  • 3 Purina Kitten Chow $1.50 each, used three FREE coupons (5/2 SS) = FREE
  • Milk $2.19
  • Total was $6.84

Then separately, I bought:

  • 2 Sorrento string cheeses $3.79 each, used $3 off 2 coupon (5/2 SS) and will submit for $5 peelie rebate (Limit 5 per household!) = $0.42 profit

Finally, I bought:

  • 2 packages strawberries and one package blackberries - all three for $5
  • 2 packages blueberries $2.50 each
  • Total was $10 - will use these to finish out a $10 Dos Equis NBPR rebate (WYB $20 of produce, Exp. 5/15)

I purposely waited until today to buy all this fruit. I bought the first half of the items for this rebate last weekend and now I can munch on these goodies all next week. I've definitely had my full servings of fruits and veggies lately!

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