Sunday, December 9, 2012

My New Career - Cookie Decorator

The baking bug got me on Friday and I set about making Pioneer Woman's oh-so-delicious looking truffles with sea salt.  The recipe was easy enough, melt together chocolate, condensed milk and some vanilla, let it set up in the fridge for a couple hours and then dunk in more chocolate.  I can't remember what I was doing on Friday that made me want to finish up the truffles Saturday morning, but it must have been good because I left the chilled bowl of chocolate in the fridge overnight.  Saturday morning came...with a migraine so the chocolate went unattended for the day.  By the time I took the bowl out this morning, the chocolate was rock hard.  A minute or two in the microwave fixed that in a jiffy.  I rolled out the chocolate into balls and stuck them in the freezer for a couple minutes before dunking them into the milk chocolate. I've never had chocolate sprinkled with sea salt before and boy have I been missing out.  These are gooooo-oooood!

Inspired by some hilarious cookie cutters I found at Target, I also thought I'd whip up a batch of cookies and decorate them.  Whenever I tackle something creative, I always have the most amazing pictures in my head of how its going to turn out.  I picture beautifully created cookies with intricate frosted details, sort of like the magic I see all the time on Bake at 350:
All you have to do is follow the instructions, right?
What could be easier?
Sigh.  What I always forget to factor in is that by the time I've made a million chocolate truffles, whipped up the batter for shortbread cookies, rolled it out, cut out ninjas with my new cookie cutters, bake the ninjas, washed the dishes and bowls and measuring spoons and measuring cups I've dirtied and let the cookies cool....I couldn't care less about how the cookies look.  So I ended up taking some of the extra melted chocolate from the truffles and "decorating" the ninjas with it.  If you can call this decorating.
The important thing is that the chocolate got on the cookies.  Who cares if it looks like they were in a mud-flinging contest, right?  Right?

Seriously though, how funny are these cookies?  They're ninjas in three various action poses.  I kept breaking off their limbs, so these two are just about the only ones that stayed intact during my baking and decorating project.
Have you noticed these adorable containers?  They're from the Temp-tations line, sold on QVC and I'm in love with them.  My sister noticed them a while back and got a set for my mom, who loved them so much that she bought a set for my sister in return.  Happily, it was my turn to get in on the fun and these were my birthday present from my folks.  You can throw them in the microwave, the oven, the dishwasher, you name it!  And they're so cute that so you can serve your dishes right out of them without having to transfer your food into something a little spiffier than your garden variety Pyrex dish.  There are tons of colors and shapes and sizes, but each set stacks right inside itself for easy storage.  They also come with metal racks with handles, so you can take the dish right out of the oven, put it in the rack and carry it to the table - no pot holders needed!  Ok, enough of me sounding like a commercial.  Go check them out, they're really cute and practical.


Mary said...

I noticed your Temp-tations right away - I love the polkadot ones but haven't given in to, temptation to buy them yet! Let us know how they hold up - I'm afraid of chips. Not potato chips, I loved those...but container chips. LOL

Sam said...

I am admiring your cookware! Have you heard of the Celebrating Home "Bean Pots" - ceramic dishes that you can use in the microwave or the oven to cook in? I've been looking at getting one but they are $80 each. These look like the same type of product, but I can get the 13-piece set for $55! I am very tempted to get a set.

Amanda Grant said...

Decorated cookies are tough. It's hard to find the time and energy--I don't know how those ladies do it! One year I just couldn't do it, so I let folks dip the cookies in frosting. It was a huge hit!

frugalsuz said...

Oh I hadn't thought of that, I'll have to be careful with them. Although they do seem pretty sturdy...

$80 each? Yikes, that's a bit out of my price range right now. But who am I kidding, almost everything is out of my price range now. They always say that the first year of owning a house is the toughest and I really hope that's true.

If I had any frosting around, you know that's what I would have done too! hahaha

Precious said...

I love temptations. I roast and bake in mine all of the time.

I hate making decorated cookies. Your candy looks luscious!

Jim said...

I have soooooo many temptations from our normal dinnerware to a cake tray. My mom buys them for my wife and I every Christmas. Problem is this year we finally have too many temptations and no where to put the 11 piece that she gave us.

frugalsuz said...

Thank goodness they store within each other or you'd have an even bigger problem on your hands!