Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Shopping and a Visit Downstairs

Rite Aid

  • 4 Super Poligrips (0.75 oz) $2.49 and $1.24 each (BOGO 50% off sale), used four FREE coupons (8/26 SS) and got back two $2 UP's (WYB 2, Limit 2) = $4 profit
  • Sani-Hands Hand Sanitizing Wipes (50 ct) $2.99 and will get back $2.99 (SCR #591, valid 9/2 - 9/8, Limit 1) = FREE
  • Organix Moroccan Oil $4.99, got back $3 UP = $1.99 *Kills me that I got suckered into buying this at the salon for just a bit more money.  Oh well
  • Reese's candy $0.59
  • Used two $4 UP's, total was $1.69

CVS - found another store with vanilla in stock!  Bought that for $0.66 and got some cinnamon too ($0.66), used a $1 EB to pay and got another one back from my green bag tag!

Price Chopper

  • 6 Temptations Cat Treats $1.66 each, used six $0.50 coupons (or here or 8/26 RP) = $0.66 *Was expecting to get back a $1 catalina as reported here but didn't.  I wonder if its because two of the bags were All Natural Temptations?
  • 3 Old El Paso Taco Seasonings $1.19 each (regular price), used $0.60 off 3 coupon and will get back $0.60 Savingstar rebate (WYB 3) = $1.77 or $0.59 each
Bought some other stuff too - Banquet sausages for $1 each, Stouffers pizzas $2.50 each, some beans and random not-so-great-prices-but-we-needed-them-stuff
Saturday Night Fever aka "Catnip Fever" cat treats - I love it! 
I am so grateful that the previous owners left us this freezer.  We have a regular fridge/freezer in the kitchen but its too large for the space its in and you can't fully open the freezer door.  Its one of those with a vertical split down the middle - fridge to the right, freezer on the left, so the freezer is narrow to begin with.  I don't think I could fit a full-size frozen pizza in the upstairs freezer if I had to!  Its very frustrating to try and squeeze food in and out of there, so this full size freezer has really been awesome.  I really need to organize it up a bit, but c'est la vie.  All it looks like we have in there are the Easy Fries I got for a penny each at S&S last week, but there's lots of food behind them.  Frozen pizzas, bagels, chicken patties, hot dogs, kielbasa, butter.  The freezer also needs a good defrosting but that isn't going to happen anytime soon.  We got some eatin' to do!
We use these three plastic boxes to sort out our meat - chicken in one, beef/steak in another and pork in the third.  Its really helped us not to lose meat in this big old freezer.  And its makes eating the oldest meat first pretty simple.  We label our freezer bags with the date purchased and use the oldest first.
 Shall we progress onto the stockpile room? We haven't been here since the renovation!
Really stocked up on paper goods at Price Chopper a couple weeks ago.  My paper towel pile has reached the ceiling:
I just love this metal shelf.  DBF's mom gave it to us.  Its super strong and has wheels, so its easy to move around if I need to. I think she got it at BJ's?
I was trying to think of different ways to really maximize the space in this room and I decided to put these two shelves back to back, rather than up against a wall.  As you can see, they're not quite even due to years of use (I've had these since college) and they don't always stand up very straight.  Putting them up against the walls just emphasizes how crooked they are, and also drives me crazy, so this works better.  I've kept the stuff stored on them pretty light so as to not add to the strain.  

Happy stockpiling!


Sheila said...

Whoa, my boys would love that freezer w/all those Easy Fries. The Stockpile is AWESOME! Hate when the Cats don't print, had it happen 2x last week w/my Kraft Cats. Probably easiest to get your $1 from CS & just show them the Checkout Rewards flyer or contact CAT Mkting online http://support.catalinamarketing.com/

Sandy said...

Looking good ~~~~!!!!

Sandy said...

Stockpile is looking good ~~~!!!!

Stephanie said...

<3 it! BTW did you see that the cvs coupons are back on ebay? I emailed the seller and was told that they are working again, without beeping and if for some reason they didn't work I'd be refunded. Have you tried them since they took them off ebay a few weeks ago?

frugalsuz said...

Thanks all!

Sheila - I was in a rush to get home so I didn't bother asking CS about the $1 cat. I'm at the counter almost every time I go there for one thing or another so I think I'll just let this one go.

Oooh, very cool! I haven't tried the new ones. If they work, will you let me know? That's really nice of the seller to offer a refund. :)