Friday, June 8, 2012

Cheap Coke at CVS

I have not been feeling well the past two days at all.  I got something in my right eye that irritated the heck out of it.  Its been red, itchy and so uncomfortable.  I went to the Doctor and got some eye drops that have helped bring the inflammation down a bit.  Today I woke up with an awful headache that quickly turned into a migraine.  I've slept most of the day away, but I didn't want to miss the $1.99 Coke at CVS, so I sent da boyfriend out to the store.  Here's what he got -

  • Speed Stick Power Deodorant $2.99, used $1.50 coupon (from red machine, there's a $1 coupon in the 5/20 SS but I didn't get that in my inserts), got back $2 EB (Limit 1) = $0.51 profit 
  • Diet Coke $1.99 with coupon from red machine (valid today only and with additional $10 purchase)
  • Physician's Formula Skincare $20.99, got back $15 EB (Limit 1) = $5.99
  • Used $4 off $20 coupon and $4 EB, total was $18.86
The Coke coupon beeped and the cashier gave him quite a hard time with it.  First she said that you had to buy $10 worth of Coke to use it.  Then she said the Coke cases were around $6 and since the coupon says the maximum discount is $2.01, she couldn't adjust it so it came out to $1.99.  DBF stared her down (hilarious) and she finally entered in the $2.01 discount.  The cases were on sale for $4 so it came out to $1.99 in the end.  Oy.


Sheila said...

Aww...I'm just loving DBF, he even coupons!

Connie said...

Crap! I did the coke deal 3 times today and had NO probles with the coupon! Yikes! Stock was terrible though, especially for diet, and the couple they had were passed or very close to the expiration date!

frugalsuz said...

He's the best!

Thinking about it later, I wonder if it beeped because we used a $4 off $20 along with it. Maybe if we'd spent $30, both coupons would have gone through just fine?