Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Long Weekend

Don't feel like doing a really detailed post, so here's the short and sweet version of my weekend shopping:

CVS - picked up two cans of Skintimate, a bunch of moneymaker Carefree, free Milky Way bars (with the CRT I got from the coupon machine) and a two free CVS brand pantiliners.  I had a CRT for a free Always 20 count pantiliner but the store didn't have any (not even a spot for them) so the cashier let me substitute two CVS packs (two for $0.99).  Fine by me!

Walgreens - I am growing addicted to Mitchum deodorant so I made the rounds yesterday and picked up a bunch of free after RR ones.  After tax, I paid $2.20 each, so only $0.20 after RR.  Not bad!  I also picked up some V8 Fusion juice using $6 RR's from a previous purchase.  I was totally out of juice and the two for $5 price sounded good to me.

My sister was able to retrieve my documents from my hard drive!  We cracked open the computer, she pulled out the hard drive, connected it to her laptop and moved my files to a USB drive.  I'm so happy those documents aren't lost forever. 

Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!


Sheila said...

Your sister is a genius! I'm happy for you ;)

Mary said...

Awh, you must have jumped for joy at that!! And now Im guessing your on the lookout for a new BACKUP hard drive for possible future instances huh? (Not cheap but not too pricey and its worth it really)

(Mary~/"da bf" creator, lol)

Mary said...
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seasonofplenty said...

It's great to have smart sisters. Glad you have been reunited with your documents!

frugalsuz said...

I gave those documents a big old hug and kiss and told them they better never run away again! lol Yes, very very glad to have them back and to have a sister who knows how to do that!

Mary said...

Im a lil curious, how come you stopped posting your monthly totals/savings? Last one I saw was in March. Not that Im telling you what to do on your own blog, jus curious =]

frugalsuz said...


Honestly, I got so little feedback on those posts that I really just stopped bothering. Plus with the so-so deals lately, my totals haven't been all that impressive anyway.