Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Who Doesn't Love a Good Stockpile Pic

I live in an apt. but I'm lucky enough to have a huge storage area in my garage. Here's what it looked like last week (ugh, this makes me shudder!)

Notice the door frame on the left picture -- I could barely get in this room! My stuff was overflowing and such a mess.

My DBF was kind enough to come on over and help me clear out and organize this mess (thanks again hunny!). Here are the beautiful "after" pics:

Look at all that soda! The drawers on the right are perfect for holding foil, toilet bowl cleaners, sponges and tissues - that I got all for free! And the drawer is wonderful. I picked it up on deep discount. Ok, it was free. Ok, ok, I dumpster dived for it - but don't tell anyone!


Shelly said...

Love the pictures! I'd like to clean up my basement and put shelves in, but other family would "shop at my store". I think a better plan would be to clean/organize walk-in closet and use it. I have a lock for it!

Lisa said...

"Ok, ok, I dumpster dived for it - but don't tell anyone!"

A little birdy told me you had confessed to dumpster diving so I came over to check it out... that's a great score!

Looks like your stock pile is growing and looking great.

frugalsuz said...

Oh no, a little birdie! The word's out that I dumpster dived - I'm doomed! lol