Friday, May 9, 2008


Today I had to pick up more food at the vet for my cat Gigi. When I walked up to the counter, there was an enormous shaggy dog sleeping on blankets behind the counter. Then I realized, that's no dog - it was a goat! It had just been neutered and I guess there wasn't room in the back for it to rest. Poor thing!

It cost me $19.89 for this 5.5 lb. bag of food, but it’s worth it for her health. She’s on a special diet because she developed a urinary stone last year and was slated to have an operation. I had everything all planned out, had spoken to the vet several times about what to expect, had taken her for tests, etc. The operation was going to cost me about $1300 and luckily I had just taught a course so I had the money to cover it. I dropped her off for the surgery and went home to anxiously wait to see how things went. An hour later I got a call from the vet – Gigi had passed the stone on the operating table minutes before the surgery! The vet couldn’t believe it and now they make it a procedure to do a final x-ray before doing surgery to make sure the animal didn’t pass the stone and they operate for no reason. She saved me a good chunk of money that day! Even my kitties are frugal!

The other day, my other cat Mousse was kind enough to knock over my garbage can to get the last bits of juice from the package of ham I’d bought. Waste not, want not. Thanks Mousse! (of course, it would have been nice if he’d also thought to clean up the mess, but I guess a girl can’t be too greedy)

These are my babies. Gigi's on the left and Mousse is on the right.

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