Friday, May 9, 2008

My Car

My cars always seem to be prone to cracks, caused by rocks kicked up by trucks on the highway. My old car was victim to a flying rock, and so was my recent car – twice now, poor thing. A couple weeks ago, a rock really got me good (please disregard the filthy state of my windshield!). I was fully expecting to have to replace my windshield, and expected to pay around $500 for it (there goes the stimulus check!). Luckily, they were able to fill it for a grand total of $64.15. Even better, if the fill wasn't good enough and I end up having to replace the whole windshield, they'll deduct the $64 off my total for a replacement - how cool is that? I'm due for inspection at the end of the month, so we'll see what they say.

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