Sunday, January 20, 2013

More Adventures in Woodworking

Take a look at the newest home-built addition to our house - a home-built headboard!  Da boyfriend made this beauty for me for Christmas and stained and installed it this weekend.  Eventually, I'm planning on painting the bedroom a light green and I think this color is going to look great with it.  

He's now crafted our lovely mantle, a rustic dining room table and created a spacious jewelry box..  Not only is it great that he enjoys doing projects like this, but I think of all the money we're saving by creating these things versus buying them in a store.  I have a bunch of other projects in mind to keep him busy!  Hopefully next on the list will be a corner shelf like this one.  :)


Sheila said...

He is so talented .....send him North LOL.

Anonymous said...

It is really nice he did a great job!

hitenney said...

Do you ever look at Ana White's blog? She has so many projects, even a book. Your DBF is definitely a keeper!
How's the rebating going? Is it me, or do the values seem smaller this year? A brand new Heineken one for $20 only has one supplier, and 5 went for $27+ on ebay. Yikes!


frugalsuz said...

Thanks Sheila and Anon, he really is!

DBF loves her site! He actually got the plan for the headboard from her.

I've been making a list of the rebates I want to get and I check them on ebay every so often. When a rebate first comes out, the price is always higher but as it gets closer to the expiration date, you can nab them up for much cheaper.

Sheila said...

Congrats on your Zac Brown Band winning a grammy!

frugalsuz said...

Go Zach Brown! I had no idea, I really don't pay attention to those awards shows. They make amazing music and I heard they're releasing another CD this year. Can't wait!