Wednesday, November 4, 2009

GPS Makers - Are you Listening?

Was looking for Lubriderm to do the following deal, but struck out at four different stores. Some other HCW'er must have read about the deal and got to the stores before me. I really don't mind, because there's always another deal around the corner. I just wish there was a way to know ahead of time if the store had the items in stock so I wouldn't waste my time driving around. Wouldn't it be cool if you could plug in "Walgreens with 6 oz Lubriderms" into your GPS? :)
  • Lubriderm 6 oz bottles $3.99, buy three and use three $2 coupons (10/11 RP) and get back $8 RR (WYB 3) = $2.03 profit *Not in circular but these smaller sizes are reported to be working for the RR deal. **Look for a $1 Walgreens coupon in the "Diabetes and You" booklet found near the Pharmacy. Thanks for this tip Elle Bo!
  • $25 AMC gift card and $25 Best Buy gift card, got back $10 catalina (good on next order) = $10 profit
  • 4 Locatelli pecorino romano cheeses $3.99 each (great price for this stuff, its so good!)
  • 4 Franco Rinaldi pasta sauces $0.88 each (raincheck price)
  • 4 Flex-a-Min Glucosamines $5.99 (raincheck price), used four $6 coupons (adjusted to $5.99, 9/27 or 10/25 RP) = FREE
  • Got $0.10 bag discount, total was $69.38


Miss Thrifty said...

Good job on the soup! Check out my blog and I would love to be added to your list of "My Blog List" or perhaps you could put my button on your sidebar?

Love your Blog!

frugalsuz said...

Miss Thrifty,
Thanks, I'll definitely check out your blog. :)

Amiyrah said...

How was the gift card deal at SR a 10.00 money maker? did you use catalinas to pay for the for the gift cards? Aren't money makers when you pay nothing but get money back? Maybe i'm just confused as usual :o)

frugalsuz said...

A moneymaker is when you get back more than you spent. I spent $50, got back $50 in gift cards plus the $10 cat.

Amiyrah said...

ahhh gotcha!