Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh my Gosh, Oh my Gosh!

My wonderful, darling, thoughtful boyfriend gave me my birthday/Christmas present today. My birthday is actually on Tuesday, but since we don't typically get to see each other during the week, we celebrated early. I still am in total shock over the amazing gift he got me. Look! Its a Nikon! Oh my gosh! I've wanted to take better pictures forever but a Nikon was a bit over my budget. He saved up for this beauty for the last year and a half and even used a coupon to buy it (but he won't tell me how much he spent and that's probably best - I think I might faint! lol). I've been taking pictures of things around my apartment all day. Let's take a look, shall we?
Say hello to my little piggie! Old camera:
New camera:Isn't the difference amazing?!? And keep in mind I know how to use about 4 of the 400 buttons/settings/speeds on this camera. :) And it has lenses! That you can change! That take different kinds of pictures! Oh my goodness, this is so cool.

Mousse playing with a part from the camera box (he liked it too!):
Gigi posing (she looks like this a lot, a bit surprised, a bit annoyed):
A leaf from my plastic plant - my, it looks a tad dusty doesn't it? Where's that maid?
Taking pictures is thirsty work!
Isn't this sweet? My boyfriend bought this and hung it in my bedroom (all in secret). Yup, he's a keeper. :)
Fair warning - expect lots of pictures of weird stuff in the near future! :)


Jamie said...

That is sooooo sweet! What an AWESOME birthday suprise. I'm looking forward to seeing all your pictures with that fancy camera!

Amiyrah said...

yay! great camera. You BF is definitely a sweetie pie. Thats the camera I've had on my wish list since my b-day and I know exactly how much it costs. Let's just say your BF is a very very very sweet lol. You should probably bake him some cookies. Or just give him a big ol' smooch on the cheek! :oP

Soon you'll give PW a run for her money!

Melissa said...

very very cool! Congrats!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

~huntfish said...

What a sweetie!!!!
You lucky girl, he's a keeper alright.

Jennifer C. said...

Hi Suz, Happy Birthday! Congrats on the fab gift, and on the super BF! Did you see the new WAGS $5/25 printable yet? It's good Monday & Tuesday.

Emily said...


frugalsuz said...

Thanks all :)

Jennifer - hmm, another $5 coupon at Walgreens? I wonder if I can use that. I'll have to figure out some scenarios. Thanks for the head's up!

Jenny said...

aww, he's very sweet to do this for you and what a great gift! enjoy all the pictures!

Precious said...

Great camera and pics! Your BF is a keeper for being so sweet! Have a wonderful birthday on Tuesday!