Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Kitties are Happy!

  • 7 Glade candles $1.99 each, used seven $1 coupons (9/14 SS) and will get back $7 ESR (#28, $1 each, limit 10) = FREE
  • Candy bar as filler so I could use a $5 RR, total was $3.86
Stop & Shop - wanted to use up the $2 catalinas I'd earned last week. I was going to buy 5 papers and then some other items to use up the rest of the catalinas. For some reason, I was thinking I had 10 catalinas to use up, rather than the $10 I actually had, so I picked up more items than I had catalinas for. Don't know where my head was!
  • 5 papers $2 each, used five $2 cats = FREE
  • Tortilla chips $2.29, used $2 cat = $0.29
  • Milk $2.39, used $2 cat = $0.39
  • S&S apple juice $2, used $2 cat = FREE
  • S&S sliced deli cheese $2.50, used $2 cat = $0.50
  • 4 S&S shredded cheese $2.50 each, used one $2 cat and that used them all up = $8
  • Healthy Ones ham $3
  • Total was $13.60 after $0.15 bag discount

CVS - my card

  • Always Infiniti pads $4.98, give back $4.98 ECB = FREE
  • 2 Bic Soleil razors $5.99 each, used two $2 coupons (or 9/14 SS) and give back $8 ECB ($4 each, limit 5) = FREE
  • CVS bar soap $0.99, gives back $1 ECB (monthly deal, limit 5) = FREE
  • Used $3 off $15, $5.79 ECB, $1.50 ECB and $3 ECB, total was $0.66

Transaction two - this store was out of the Colgate Max Fresh w/beads so the manager let me substitute regular Colgate Max Fresh - turns out this works for the deal anyway! He adjusted the price of the toothpaste down to $0.99 and let us keep the ECB's that printed. :)

  • Vitamin water $2.29, gives back $2.29 ECB = FREE
  • Pet bed $5.99
  • Colgate Max Fresh toothpaste $2.99, adjusted down to $0.99, gives back $2 ECB (limit is reportedly 6 instead of 2) = FREE *My total was already close to zero so I didn't use my $1 coupon, but it was from the 9/28 SS.
  • 4 CVS bar soaps $0.99 each, give back $1 ECB each (monthly deal, limit 5) = FREE
  • Used $3 off $15, $5 ECB, $4.98 ECB, total was $0.27

CVS - DBF's card

  • Always Infiniti pads $4.98, give back $4.98 ECB = FREE
  • Pet bed $5.99
  • Vitamin water $2.29, gives back $2.29 ECB = FREE *Don't buy the black label XXX flavor - it doesn't produce ECB's. The manager gave us cash back instead of ringing another bottle so I may do this deal again during the week.
  • Colgate Max fresh toothpaste $2.99, adjusted down to $0.99, used $1 coupon (adjusted to $0.99), and got back $2 ECB = FREE
  • Gum (filler) $1.19
  • Used $3 off $15 (expires today) and $11.27 ECB, total was $0.26
The pet beds were definitely a hit! The kitties love them and have been snuggled in them since we brought them home.


Take a Deep Breath said...

my storee says that you are only allowed to use one catalina at a time, is this true?
I read where you used sever or did you di it in seperate transactions?

Tosha said...

AWWW! I want a kitty but DH hates them and makes life miserable if one lives with us by complaining all the time.

frugalsuz said...

Take a deep breath - I used ten catalinas during one transaction on Sunday. They don't have anything written on them that says you can't use more than one per transaction. I'd try the self checkouts. :)

Tosha - aww, that stinks. I love my kitties so much! My boyfriend is still trying to understand them. He's only ever had dogs and is continually annoyed when they don't come to him when he calls. lol

Lindsay said...

So cute!!! Great shopping!!! Did you have problems using the S&S catalinas? They wouldn't let me use more than one per transaction at the self checkout. :(

Lindsay said...

whoops, just read the posts above. So they scanned at the register? Thanks!

frugalsuz said...

Wow, I'm surprised some folks are having such issues with the catalinas! I used one per item and they scanned at the self checkout without any problems or beeps. If they're giving you a hassle about using more than one per transaction, I'd stand in line and make them ring up each item separately. See how much they like that! :)

Jamie said...

You're kitties are so cute! I love cats... just not enough to live with one!

frugalsuz said...

Thanks Jamie! :)