Thursday, May 5, 2011

Muy hermoso

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Today was one of those days I wish I could bottled up and save for rainy, cloudy days. The sun was shining, bright puffy white clouds were floating in the sky, the breeze blew the freshly greened trees around - it was just gorgeous. What could make a day like that even better? How 'bout some fresh flowers? For free! (you didn't expect anything else did you?)
I love how the angle of the sunlight completely changes the texture of the picture. They were all taken at the same time. I think the first shot is my favorite.

Stop & Shop - until 5/12, when you buy any $25 gift card, you can get a "designer bunch flowers" valued up to $4.99 for free. This store had tons of different varieties. I picked up a $25 S&S gift card at Customer Service, got my flowers for free and then did the rest of my shopping.
  • 3 Hallmark Cards $0.99 each, got back $5 catalina (WYB 3) = $2.03 profit
  • Total was $3.18
Then I used that $5 catalina towards more -
  • 6 Hallmark Cards $0.99 each, got back two $5 catalinas ($5 WYB 3) = $4.06 profit
  • Used $5 cat, total was $1.36
Then I used one of the $5 catalinas towards -
  • 10 Breyers Yo Crunch Yogurts $6 or $0.60 each
  • Used $5 cat, total was $1
I'm all for varied yogurt flavors but strawberry was all the store had, other than the candy varieties (blech). I didn't even see a spot for other varieties - weird. Someone on SD bought 15 cards in one transaction and got all five $5 catalinas. When redeeming them, you'll only be able to use one $5 cat at a time, so I am going to try to use all but one as I go. Its an easy roll to use one $5 cat to buy 6 cards ($5.94 subtotal). This Hallmark deal is valid until 5/12, as is the flower deal.


Precious said...

I have always loved Mexican food so I am game to eat it just about any day.

Love the deals.

K said...

Wish we had Stop & Shop here! That's interesting that the Catalina prints out when you paid with the same Catalina. Is that unique to Stop & Shop? It almost never happens at Walgreens.

frugalsuz said...

Thanks Precious

Actually, that's a Walgreens quirk. At every other store I can think of - CVS, RiteAid, all the supermarkets by me - rewards roll. That means if you use the rewards you just earned to buy more of the same item, you'll still get a new reward. Walgreens is just the odd-man-out. :)

kadywood said...

Sound like a similiar catalina that ran in Giant PA this past week. Buy 6 cards @.99 less 10% Giant discount (making each card .89) and receive (2) $5.00 cats. Pay with a $5.00 cat and your total was .66. So, a profit of $4.34 for every 6 cards purchased.